Friday, 2 May 2008

Nooz Rekirdz

It's payday friday, the missus is off away for the weekend.

All this means an hour was spent in record shops buying new tunes!
I've was seriously broke last month but there was lots to keep up with.

Sterac- Rond Bot EP (Delsin)
Theo Parrish- That Day/How I feel (Archive)
Darkstar- Need you/Squeeze my lime (Hyperdub)
Juan McLean- Happy House (DFA)
The Clone Machine- The Clone Machine (um, Clone)
Moodymanc- The preacher (Moodymanc)

oh, and finally found a copy of Omar S- Psychotic Photosynthesis!



organdonor said...

Juan Mclean - Happy House
Nice Tune,love the way the vocal doesnt hit till almost halfway!!

clom said...

hi organdonor!
liking your blog, congrats on the Paris/Engagement thingy.

nice to know there are still folk ready to put their head on the block.

i was initially drawn to the original version but it gets a bit annoying on repeated listens.

the two dubs on the back have more going for them. largely because they work the bejaysus out of the "launch me into spaaaaaace" which makes me go a bit funny whenever i hear it!

organdonor said...


Ah its early days yet,just finding my feet with the whole blogging thing..

I have one with a Prins Thomas(under a Prince Language moniker )mix on the be side .id say its the same one you have..