Thursday, 9 October 2008

Skittery Jittery

Thanks to Gavros for booking me to do a wee dj support slot for crackly German dub hero and ~scape records founder, Pole in the Voodoo Rooms on Monday 3rd November.

I'm a bit nervous about this because I'm not really a "DJ" dj, it's been a good 4 years since I've played in public!

Expect dub, of the -trad, -techno and -step variety along with a raft of dated electronics and disembodied grumbling.

If you're in Edinburgh come on down, it should be a belter.

Betke is giving a talk in Edinburgh University (Alison House) on the afternoon, entry included on your ticket (which you can buy from Gav at Ripping Records or the other Gav at Underground Solushn').

Proper support from Araya fresh from his great live set at the recent Benbecula label showcase.


Anonymous said...

Another official site

Workshop will be held at Edinburgh Uni not Napier, Alison House 12 Nicolson Square to be exact.

Tickets also available from Ticket Scotland and the other Gav in Underground Solushn'

clom said...

Post now updated!

Apologies for not bothering to read the shit i've been sent.


John Braine said...

Cool! Saw Pole play live at Sonar a few years ago and it was excellent.

Best of luck!

brogues said...

Ooh ... great news! Sure you'll go down a storm.