Thursday, 24 April 2008

Acting the maggot

In keeping with the acting the maggot theme I've decided to start a semi-regular photography series. The photos were taken at times when the photographer was too intoxicated to reasonably be expected to be in charge of a camera but through a massive stroke of luck and/or drunken inspiration managed to take something that might actually be interesting.

So... on we go.

No, just a mad looking tissue opposite the Capel Street Flats on the walk home after a very, very, very long night in Dublin. Thought long and hard about bringing it home.

My pals Mer n' Kat looking deeply disturbing at ATP the year before last. I have no memory of this photo being taken. This may have had something to do with Wolf Eyes.

Found object. Spider. Jaggy Plastic. Location: On the floor of a club.

A photo of our Christmas tree ornament and the sun setting over Lochend. Taken by me at about 2pm after getting home about 10 minutes earlier in a condition which can only be described as guttered.

All submissions of mystery/baffling/beautiful/drunken photos gratefully accepted.
Criteria: Must have been taken in either error or flash of intoxicated "genius".

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