Saturday, 19 April 2008

Gosh! Pow! Go! Now!

A new project from Gosh Wow/Blackcape comics illustration overlord Iain Laurie!


Just go right and have a shufty right?

First episode features sad sack comic goof being assassinated by shadowy alien demon secret service punters. Magical stuff really. The "Next" page at the end is a masterwork of restrained menace and foreboding. Well, it's like pure scary and that eh.

Myself and Mr Laurie "worked" on a very short lived fanzine in times of yore.

Even then it was abundantly clear that his talent lay in circles far more elevated than a rabble of surly drunks being artlessly cruel about the patrons of the truly detestable Edinburgh festival.

If you haven't already seen his work with Fraser Campbell and Derek Dow (along with a whole raft of other talented loons) on Blackcape you should give that a wee shot as well. They've just celebrated their 50th edition! Happy Birthday!

Speaking of Edwyn Collins we're off to see him in the Queens Hall on Monday. I suspect it will be a love-in of quite nauseating proportions considering it's his first gig in Scotland since he was taken really quite frighteningly ill a few years ago. He's one of my all time heroes so I don't feel like too much of a ghoul for going to welcome him back to the stage.

If he doesn't play Falling and Laughing I'm going to get up and lamp him though.
If he does I'll probably bawl like a big Mandy.

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